Objective & Visions

| Pursuing the practical application of theory

Department of Sociology at the Hanyang University has been fostering students who can effectively analyze various problems in Korea and offer solutions. with the coming of the information society multiplicity and vatiety in encouraged. The Department focuses on producing multi-talented students who understand the structure and nature of society on both the macro and micro levels, and can suggest useful answers to the myriad of social problems lingering today.

| Producing pragmatic intellectuals to address societal problems

The goal of the Department is to develop leaders who can effectively combine theory and practice by accurately assessing various societal problems and subsequnently offer practical solutions. The Department seeks to produce professionals who can:
– conduct various levels of social surveys and analyses to keep abreast of current and developing trends
– readily adapt to changing environments particularly where IT is involved
– effectively address the growing needs of multi-cultural societies around the world while also being able to deal with the ubiquity of popular culture and related concerns
– play the role of social analysts in terms of studying the economic effects on society of the rapid growth of industry
– effectively participate in civil movements designed to progress the society and assist the efforts of NGOs

| Plans for Major Specialization

To further improve the programs, the Department focuses on the areas of survey/quantitative methodology, economic/information sociology, NGO/gender studies, and culture/visual sociology, in order to broaden the education and subsequent perspectives of its students. Expanding the knowledge bases of the students is intended to create more opportunities for them in their future endeavors whether they are involved with work or more scholarship.