Korean Society has experienced unprecedented structural change throughout history and is well on its way to becoming a multi-cultural society where various races and cultures mix due to the collapse of temporal and spatial barriers between both nations and individuals. In addition, Korean Society is experiencing severe conflict due to the complicated relationships between generations, classes and interest groups.This rapidly changing modern society demands a new type of talent. Thus, finding creative solutions through a critical approach to this new problems rather than simply acquiring knowledge is more important than ever. Leaders with an understanding of pluralism and relativity are needed to resolve the conflicts that arise between these various relationships.

Sociology is more competitive in training practical abilities than other fields of study. I am certain that Sociological Imagination will be the foundation for future competitiveness for all those who study sociology because having Sociological Imagination allows us to analyze the overall structure of human behavior and reveal the deeper aspects of every relationship as opposed to merely glancing at the surface.

The Department of Sociology at Hanyang University was established in 1981 and has been awarded excellent ratings in the field of Sociology from the Joongang Daily Newspaper in South Korea due to the Department of Sociology¡¯s excellent faculties, curriculum which reflects social needs, and systematic job training. In addition, alumni from the Department of Sociology in Hanyang University are taking pivotal roles in the world of academic, business, banking and the media.

I would like to invite you, the global talents of 21st century Korea, into the world of sociology, the foundation of social science, and I hope that all the professors in the sociology department, students, alumni, and all those interested in sociology share their thoughts and opinions on this website.

Chairman of the Department of Sociology